Sunday, September 4, 2016

UniversityUC San Diego. 
Professor: Barb Oakley, Terry Sejnowski
Course: The Learning How to Learn Team

Learn how to learn 

I appreciated in learn how to learn and see how many peoples can easily insert in your life new methodology about different areas. 
Our unconscious mind has influence include thought processes as, memory, emotions, and motivation, however, our brain can either have more active when to rest. 
Three different substances make up our brain. 

- "Acetylcholine" affects focused learning and attention; 
- "Dopamine" signals in relation to unexpected rewards; 
- "Serotonin" affects social life and risk-taking behavior. 

To consolidate all process of learning more actually we have the fight with procrastination and start a plan for it. 
When I look something that I really not do, my brain associates it with pain, and I need increase news technics or news tools to help me. 
One effective and consistent is Pomodoro technique by Francesco Cirillo, 1980s. Where we can focus hard for 25 minutes and rest for 5 minutes, thus we can to more consistent in our learning.  


One form to we learn more consistent and fixed in our brain all that learned is "build strong neural structures" Like? studying a little every day, a new material. When I learned something hard, and I stop, my brain diffuses start work and help me the figure out this problem. 
Focusing your attention on connecting parts of the brain to tie together ideas is an import part of the focused mode of learning. 
"It can sometimes be all-too-easy to take a wrong approach to problem-solving or understanding a concept because sometimes your initial intuition about what's happening or what you need to be doing is misleading. In "Einstellung" (the development of a mechanized state of mind. Often called a problem solving set) your simple initial thought, an idea you already have in mind, or neural pattern you've already developed and strengthened, may prevent a better idea or solution from being found". 

In short two things, we can start to increase our learning; 
- Increase your ability about learn techniques, one example is using Pomodoro techniques and remove all cues that make you be more distracted, don't want to learn all at once, learn a little one day at a time. 
- Avoid procrastination, when you procrastinate, you can until feel better, but the only temporarily, in this, procrastination shares common features with addiction. 
"Look away from the screen and see how many key ideas and concepts regarding procrastination that you can recall remember that when you do this, you are deepening the neural pathways that relate to these ideas so that they will come to mind more easily later when the are needed". 

Good learned!